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Dessert Station & Balloon Decor


Planning an upcoming social event, grand opening, or customer appreciation! Are you looking to have some eye candy and WOW your guests, market and brand your company, or looking for an extraordinary take-home favor? Here’s the scoop, we provide elaborate and high-end candy buffets to match your color scheme or corporate logo colors. You can choose to have your candy bar alone or pair it with other desserts. If that doesn’t give you a sweet tooth, we also offer non-candy options. Some of our favorites are ice cream sundae station, s’mores bar, cookie decorating, popcorn bar, and cupcake decorating. Our candy buffets are top-notch from the exquisite table decor, yummy candy, stunning candy labels, backdrops, glitzy candy scoops, and personalized candy bags. Sounds yummy right, so how does it work? Our prices are determined by the type of candy, guest number, and preferred decor. Once you place your order, you will receive our scrumptious and oh so sweet candy menu. Whether chocolates, hard, chewy, or sweet and sour candies are your cup of tea, your candy options are endless! We can turn any ordinary party into the SWEETEST day ever! Life is sweet, book your candy buffet today!


  • Mini: 25 guests, starting at $350 or $150 w/ party planning service, 5-6 glass (adults) or acrylic (kids) candy jars, and 5 candy choices

  • Small: 50-75 guests, starting at $450, 9-10 glass jars, 5 candy options, and 8’x8′ backdrop.

  • Medium: 100-175 guests, starting at $600, 11-12 glass jars, and 6 candy options, 8’x8′ backdrop, and candy attendant included

  • Large: 200-300+ guests, starting at $1,200, 13-14 glass jars, 7 candy option, 8’x8′ backdrop, and candy attendant included


  • Setup, Styling, and Breakdown.

  • 1-2 Hour Setup and 1 Hour Cleanup of our Party Decor.

  • Candy Attendant Included with Large Buffets.

  • Backdrop Included with Medium and Large Packages.

  • Choose 1-3 Candy Colors.

  • Choose 4-7 Candy Options per your Package.

  • Up to 14 Glass or Acrylic (Kids) Jars per your Package.

  • Serving Trays, Cake/Cupcake Stands, and Risers

  • Props, decor, and signage.

  • 1 – 6′ Rectangular Table or 8′ Table for 200+ guests (If not provided by the venue)

  • 1 – Premium Table Linen.

  • Custom Candy Dish Wording/Number Set Filled with Candy.

  • Personalized White Candy Bags with White Labels.

  • Candy Jar Ribbon and Labels.

  • Ribbon and/or Tent Cards for Specific Jars Only.

  • Candy Scoops and Tongs.

  • Leftover Candy is yours to Keep.



  • Candy Attendant: $32.00 per hour



  • Cupcakes

  • Cake Pops

  • Cookies

  • Oreos

  • Popcorn

  • Brownies

  • Mini Donuts

  • Pretzel Rods

  • Marshmallow Pops

  • Rice Krispie Treats

Dessert table 2.JPG
Balloon Decor.JPG


Are you looking for a stylish, fun, colorful, and creative way to wow your guests for your next event?  Balloons are a great decoration choice for adults and children.  Gone are the days where balloons are reserved only for kid parties.  With today’s trendy balloon decor options, adults can also enjoy stylish, eye-catching, and sophisticated balloon decor.  The bright and vivid colors will instantly attract your guests and you will have Instagram worthy pictures.  Custom balloon decor can complement any theme and color scheme.  Did we mention that balloons are a wonderful addition for backdrops, selfies, photo opportunities, and take Instagram worthy pictures?  Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday party, graduation, anniversary, or corporate grand opening we’ll make your event POP!

Our team can create custom balloon garland arch backdrops, confetti-filled balloons, columns, and arches.  Make a statement and order your custom balloon decor today.


  • Balloon Bouquets: $1.75 each (Latex Helium Balloons)

  • Balloon Columns: $150.00 (Set of 2/56-64 Balloons)

  • Balloon Garland Arch: $150.00+ (60-150 Balloons)

  • Balloon Table Arch: $150.00+  (75+ Balloons)

  • Balloon Centerpieces: $15.00 (Set of 6-7 Balloons)

  • Mosaic Balloon Filled Numbers/Letters: $30.00 each

  • Statement Balloons: $15.00 – $20.00

  • 26″ Giant Foil Number Balloon (Gold or Silver): $12.95

  • 34″ Giant Foil Number Balloon (Gold, Silver, Black, Hot Pink, Blue): $18.75

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