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DIY wedding planning can be a lot of work not to mention stressful, and as wedding planner I definitely know what a lot of couples go through.  so I created their 127 page comprehensive booklet to assist couples with there wedding planning and relieve them of some of the wedding planning stress.




Questions to ask vendors

Wedding party information

Vendor information and tracker 

Cake sizing Chart

Undated monthly calendar

Rental company information

Wedding attire inspiration and shop contact information


I created this because I get a lot of couples who want and need a wedding planner but, and they cant fit me in their budget so I figured why not give them the next best thing a guide/tool to assist them.


DIY Wedding Planner 

This is 127 page DIY  Wedding Planner will keep you on track with your wedding planning, and some helpful information that will assist you in planning your wedding with as little stress as possible.   It also comes with some important questions to ask your wedding vendor, guest list racking, budget tracking and information on wedding planning that you may have never thought about.  It will come personalized with your name and wedding date in a PDF File or you can get the booklet.

Bonus with each Purchase yo get 4 - 30 minute one-on -ones sessions to ask any planning questions and assistance you might have along the way.  Scheduling these sessions will be based on availability.

DIY Wedding Planning Guide
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Thanks for ordering if you ordered the PDF Version, you will recieve it withing the next 15 minutes after we personalize it. If you purchased the booklet you will receive it within 3-5 business days.

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