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Nosotras Hablamos Espanol


The Elopement Process - Us Working Together

Although much of the process for an elopement is the same as what I do for a larger wedding, the focus is on creating a more intimate experience, either with only my couple (and often a photographer), or sometimes with around 5-10 guests max.

  • An initial meeting (virtually via Zoom): This is where we talk about your wants and don’t wants, plus the ceremony creation process and what working with me feels like, and then we will determine if we’re the right fit for each other.

  • If we are the right fit: I email you a link to an electronic contract, you sign it and pay the 50% retainer fee, and I am locked in for your date and time! All done online with ease.

  • I will lead you through every step: The elopement ceremony creation process, the how you get your marriage license, and all the other needed details. I have your back!

  • Everything can be done electronically and remotely: Most of my elopement couples are from outside San Diego, if not many time zones away, so I make sure that everything leading up to the ceremony is an easy process, no matter where you live and how busy your full life already is.

  • You will have two ceremony creation assignments from me: Because it would be tough for me to create an elopement ceremony that is perfectly you without your input. These assignments help me make sure every part of the ceremony reflects you and allows me to include your voice and what fits you best, truly celebrating what you two have together.

  • Assistance with writing or choosing your vows: Vows can be scary, wanting to get them right, so I make sure I give you plenty of guidance, suggestions, and even true examples of what my couples have done in the past.

  • Fine-tuning the draft ceremony to your perfection: We work together to make sure it all fits you as a couple and represents how you see marriage and commitment.

  • Your ceremony delivered by me with the emotion and warmth that it deserves: Even more than professional, punctual, and caring - which I definitely am - I love and am truly honored to be celebrating you! And because I choose my couples carefully, wanting to adore and connect with what you two have, it can all be delivered in an authentic and genuine and joy-filled way.

  • Taking care of your marriage license for you: After your wedding, I take care of promptly submitting your license, either by hand or by mail (depending on the issuing county of the license).

  • Immediate important details follow-up: I will email you details about getting certified copies of your marriage certificate and doing your name change (if either or both of you are changing your last name). I will also mail you a copy of your ceremony as a keepsake, plus a prettier keepsake certificate that I create for you (and have signed by your witnesses, if you have any there with us), along with a copy of the submitted license.

  • And P.S. I will keep in touch, emailing you your vows on your anniversary, assuming you would enjoy getting them!


My fees for an elopement is simple since I only do it one way - a customized ceremony created specifically for you.

$295 - Meant for 5-6 guests or fewer. This covers all of the time dedicated to designing and writing a customized ceremony that truly celebrates you and your relationship, with your voices. Includes as much guidance and communication as needed, as well as the time prepping for and officiating your ceremony.

Additional services, such as travel beyond approximately 60 miles/minutes from zip code 33312, may be extra.

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