A MARIE EVENTS & DESIGN is a company offering luxury level service. Travel related elements that coordinate perfectly for each luxury destination wedding are expertly offered, creating a seamless destination wedding experience.


AMEDT represents you as part of your wedding planning team to coordinate and execute exclusive hotel room blocks. Room rates and contracts are negotiated in the interest of the exact needs of each wedding group. Specific criteria of venue location, budget, host hotel requirements and level of service are a few of the important elements that are tended to on your behalf. Impeccable relationships, we are grateful and honored to enjoy, are key to the luxury level of service we are proud to offer you!


Travel arrangements, including all related elements as well as any other specialized requests, are created specifically for every valued client. Each and every guest benefits from the unique customized services AMEDT so proudly provides.


Including a luxury level travel service coordinator on your wedding planning team is an invaluable service, allowing YOU to focus on the planning of your wedding events. As guests receive dedicated luxury level attention during their travel planning process, they can budget time and cost, making it easy and effortless to attend your very special wedding celebration while you focus on YOU!



  • Consult with each client to determine the perfect travel related options for wedding couple and guests.

  • Secure accommodation, rates and availability while providing guidance in choice of the perfect host hotel

  • Negotiate hotel room contracts and secure room block of rooms specific to the groups needs.

  • Secure airline group travel fares and contracts where applicable.

  • Individual assistance to each guest as they make contact from the Save the Date announcements. All you do is send the contact details in your Save the Date announcement! Wording and specific details will be provided to you once the arrangements are set.

  • Offer guest’s applicable flight schedules, best available fares as well as creative travel & savings options.

  • Notify guests and wedding couple if airfare sales are announced!

  • Maintain & monitor contract requirements of room block cut off dates and room block numbers.

  • Provide each guest with hotel details including the host hotel as well as other possible options based on each guest.

  • Book each guest’s hotel reservation for them and provide complete travel details/confirmations.

  • Keep a detailed spreadsheet for the wedding couple, which is sent to you as it updates, providing you with updated guest details as they book.

  • Provide final guest list spread sheet to applicable wedding planner.

  • Provide final guest list spread sheet, which includes all flight arrival details, to hotel for check in coordination.

  • Provide final guest list spread sheet, which includes all flight arrival details, to hotel for check in coordination.

  • Arrange individual or group airport to hotel and return transportation requests utilizing only top level VIP luxury service vehicles/drivers to ensure comfort and a warm welcome!

  • Extended concierge services for wedding couple and guests! You and your guest’s specific requests will receive exclusive attention. In depth knowledge of your destination including activities, restaurants and places to see are shared!

  • Private Charter Services are also Available!



All well laid travel plans aren’t complete unless guests have their travel documents in order! Passports, Visa if needed) expiration dates, traveling with children, luggage requirements, arrival times at airport...these are a few things that tend to get left to the last thoughts and can keep guests from making the trip if not in order!



The travel elements of destination weddings are a huge part of the planning process! By including a Destination Wedding Travel Specialist and planning team, you can then focus on the wedding related events! Your travel arrangements, as well as your guest’s travel arrangements, will be uncomplicated as a result of the elite VIP luxury level services of A. MARIE EVENTS & DESIGN travel service! Each guest will receive an invaluable level of VIP service with attention to each and every detail to make his or her travel for your wedding an idyllic experience! Guests will look forward to and arrive with incredible excitement and ease having enjoyed perfectly prepared travel assistance beyond all expectations.


A. MARIE EVENTS & DESIGN travel service coordinates seamlessly with destination wedding venue to ensure the luxury level of service and attention to every detail. AMEDT is proud and honored to ensure luxury level service with a team of professionals providing consistency in level of service with a passion for perfection!


The services and consulting of A. MARIE EVENTS & DESIGN travel service, ensuring well-organized destination wedding & travel experiences, will be available throughout the duration of the planning time leading up to your wedding. You will remain poised in peaceful confidence as A. MARIE EVENTS & DESIGN AND  travel service coordinates with ease, the travel related essentials and more, you are free to focus on the elements of creating your special day.



Pricing is customized specifically for each wedding client! Each wedding is as individual as you are! Upon first consultation, you will be advised of what the pricing will be based on the individual criteria and requirements for your specific wedding.


Pricing includes all of the perfectly coordinated services described, as well as phone calls and other administrative costs. A. MARIE EVENTS & DESIGN travel service pricing is a one-time charge offering you the opportunity to retain unique services and immeasurable expertise, gaining a wealth of invaluable knowledge and dedicated assistance, a great value! You can look forward to enjoying an abundance of experience, valued established contacts and well-learned expertise knowledge, all simply a phone call or email away. Please do note: A. MARIE EVENTS & DESIGN travel service pricing does not include any additional fees that may apply posed by additional service provider’s, individual airline or ticketing agency fees or group hotel contract deposits.


To offer your guests these luxury level services as well as for you to have your own travel expert throughout the exciting process of planning and finalizing wedding arrangements is a unique and treasured value!


I look forward to being a part of your wedding planning team, sharing in the magical excitement of your most exciting celebration!


Luxury Destination Wedding Management