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How To Plan a Wedding In 6 Months

“How quickly can we plan a wedding?” – following the recent Christmas engagements, we’ve been speaking with lots of lovely couples and this is one of the questions that has come up most frequently, with a number of couples wanting to know how to plan a wedding in 6 months (and if it’s even possible to book a 2019 wedding!). As such, we thought we’d pull together some of the most frequently asked questions and show it is possible to plan a wedding in as little as even 3 months!

Is it too late to plan a wedding for 2019?

I’ve had a number of couples recently getting in touch asking if they can still plan a 2019 wedding, and the answer is YES! This year is seeing more couples leaving the planning until a little later, meaning more late availability than normal. That being said, the sooner you get planning, the more choices you have available.

What’s the quickest you can plan a wedding from scratch?

The timescales needed to plan a wedding all depend on what scale of wedding you are looking for, and when you are looking to get married. Generally, with summer being the peak season, it can be harder to get availability, so choosing an off-peak month can give you greater choice. Also think about where else you are happy to compromise – such as opting for a midweek wedding. Fridays and Saturdays are the most popular days for weddings, but we’re starting to see couples becoming a lot more open to the idea of Sundays or midweek weddings instead to give more flexibility.

Can I book a wedding in 6 months?

Having recently turned around full wedding and honeymoon planning around from scratch in less than 3 months, we know that quick wedding timelines are definitely possible! But with the average wedding taking 250 – 300 hours to plan, this is why I see many couples opt for the assistance of a wedding planner. Planning a wedding is a time-consuming process as it is, and even more so when condensed into a short time frame!

Can I book a destination wedding in 6 months?

Yes! As with a US wedding, you can plan a destination wedding in a short time frames too. However, bear in mind that you will also need to ensure there is sufficient availability of flights and accommodation for your guests. Plus, if your guests are paying for transportation and accommodation themselves, out of courtesy allow them as much notice as possible so they can save up the money required, as well as ensuring they have sufficient annual leave to take off of work! The later you get to the wedding planning, the more the flight prices will go up, so get booking as soon as you can.

What do I Need to Be Aware of When Planning a Wedding in 6 Months?

To help plan a wedding quickly, my one biggest piece of advice would be COMMUNICATION. Ensure you set up clear and regular communication with your wedding planner and ensure speedy responses to streamline the process – being decisive definitely helps when it comes to the decision-making! Also, ensure you are communicating clearly and promptly with your guests – give them as much notice as possible, to ensure they are free and aware of any expectations in regards to paying for transportation or accommodation.

The other key thing to remember is FLEXIBILITY. When planning a wedding in 3 or 6 months, for example, you may not have the full selection of venues or suppliers, and you have to accept that some of your guests may not be able to make it. Establish a clear list of priorities from the get-go, but be aware that there may be some areas you may need to compromise on.

Next Steps For Planning a Wedding in 6 Months

If you’re looking to get married within the next 6 months, but are considering the assistance of a wedding planner to help turn it around within these time frames, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our availability for 2019 is limited but we will always do our best to accommodate so do contact us.

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