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What To Include In Your Final Wedding Checklist!

There are many things that wedding couples need to remember and to include in their final wedding checklist, things that are easy to remember and things that are not. As a professional wedding planner it's embedded in me to know what my clients should have on the day of their wedding including what's in the day of checklist. Here are a few things that you need to include in yours:

Full Details Of All Of Your Wedding Vendors.

These are details that you most likely have floating around in your inbox or phone but its really important to put them together and complete a list of everything and put them in one place including contact names, telephone numbers, and email addresses. you should share all of this information with your vendors and your wedding party on your wedding day itinerary.

Full Details Of Your Wedding Party.

Make a list of all the phone numbers of the mother and father of the bride, mother and father of the groom, your maid/man of honor, the best man/woman, your bridesmaids, and your ushers /groomsmen.

Again it's useful to share these details on your wedding day itinerary so that you're not bothered with endless questions and queries on the day of your wedding.

Your Key Timeline For The Day Of.

This should include on the morning responsibilities, the wedding breakfast, the ceremony, the cocktail hour, reception, the arrival of the guest, the reception, the first dance, the cake cutting, the bouquet and garter toss etc. Your wedding day itinerary should also include specific details of timing for the day.

Your Photography & Videography Details.

Make sure to write down the planned arrivals of the photographer/videographer, in retrospect they should have already helped you put together a list of formal and detail shots that you really want to include, but if not it's essential that you do this so that nothing gets forgotten. Again you should share this list with your wedding party and also give someone specific, the responsibility to make sure that everyone turns up for their formal shots - allowing the photographer the opportunity to actually focus on taking beautiful photos!

Your Flowers.

It sounds over the top but it's always worth re-listing exactly what floral elements are going to be there on your wedding day. Sharing this with your florist a couple of weeks before your wedding can help to identify any discrepancies between what you and your florist might have in mind. For me this is something that I always like to double check for my clients. Florist are often under a great deal of pressure - sometimes even delivering to more than one wedding in a weekend. Of course the florist that I work with are always careful to include a full breakdown of exactly what will be delivered - updating it constantly as you develop your floral design concept together which can change considerably between the initial proposal stages and the day itself.

Your Catering Details.

Make sure to list your final guest numbers including any food requirements and children's meals. It's also worth providing all vendors with a copy of the table seating chart (if assigned seating) with special meals children etc. Details such as whether the evening bar will be open, hosted or cash, whether you want to save the top of your wedding cake and exactly how many vendor meals are needed should also be listed and shared with the caterer. And lastly as the most important meal of the day, it's essential that you make sure that someone is responsible for making sure that the bridal party is fed some breakfast on the morning of your wedding!

Your Styling & Decorations.

Decide and write down who is responsible for various styling and decorating elements such as making sure that your programs gets to the church/venue and that they are handed out, and that your wedding stationary is placed in the right position (maybe even include a quick sketch or a photo illustration on how you would like your table setting to appear so that nobody is confused). Establish where you would like your seating plan to be placed and by who. If you're having a guest book, card & gift table, and a wedding cake table, make sure that you list where they are going to be located at the venue, check to make sure they are going to be big enough and determine who will be providing the cake knife/stand (Typically this isn't always something the cake designer includes/provides).

It's a really nice idea to put together a vanity/essentials kit for the ladies as well as the guys restrooms. Including mints/gum, hair spray, deodorant, tights/socks, hair ties, first aid kit, dental floss etc. Make sure that all of your efforts don't go to waste and that someone is responsible for making sure that they are being replenished as needed.

Your Music.

Make a list of all of your key music choices including your music for the ceremony, cocktail hour, while guest are being seated, your entrance, the reception, your special dances, send off etc.

Your Announcements.

Write down a schedule and who will be responsible for announcing the throwing of the bouquet, letting guest know dinner is being served, the wedding party entrance, cake cutting, first dance and sendoff. This is typically done my an MC or your DJ, I've personally have made these announcements myself for my clients at their wedding so its basically whomever you decide you want to do this for you.

Parking & Access.

If your wedding is at a venue, make sure to discuss and finalize access arrangements for all of your vendors and parking for your guest especially handicap accessibility. If someone needs to be responsible for directing cars when parking, make sure you decide who this will be and share their contact details with all of your vendors and the venue before the wedding day. (for the most part some venues have free parking and some you might have to purchase parking for your guest if you don't want them to have to pay for parking themselves, but if paying to park is required let your guest know beforehand so they don't be surprised when they arrive). May consider a hiring a valet service.


Make sure that transportation has been arranged for you as well as your wedding party, and that everyone knows how they are getting to and from the ceremony and reception location (if not in the same location) Share every ones contact details with your wedding party and transportation vendor to make sure that you're not bothered by anyone on you wedding day!

Your Final Payments.

List of any final payments that are due to vendors, and determine whether you will be paying them before the day of your wedding or on the day of. If on the day of, make sure that you know who is responsible for ensuring that this gets done.

Wet Weather Plan.

Make sure that you have a contingency plan in case of bad weather, if your having an outdoor ceremony have you considered an alternate place for the ceremony or even a tent, have you considered umbrellas, (as a wedding planner I have umbrellas that I bring and if it's raining me and my staff will personally escort the guest in) place for your smoking guest in case of rain. These are some very important details to consider if the weather decides not to cooperate on your wedding day.

Your Honeymoon Details.

If you're going on your honeymoon on the day of your wedding or the following day, make sure to write down your flight details or better yet print off a copy and any other important details, and be sure to pack any important last minute items that you need to remember.

Your Wedding Insurance Details.

In case of of any unexpected emergencies get wedding day insurance we have 2 companies that we work with that provides peace of mind for our clients in case of an unforeseen situation. it's always a good idea to have written down your policy number and other important details and keep them in a safe but accessible place in case you need them on the day of your wedding!

If you would like to discuss with us about planning your wedding or destination wedding please give us a call at 321-205-8326 email:

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