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So I am a venue junky, and I love great and unique venues. Today I did a site visit Villa Woodbine which is absolutely stunning, to the point you really don't need much decor. They have this beautiful huge tree, which is absolutely breath taking and that's where most couples have there ceremony. It really takes you back in time because the decor is mostly all original they haven't made many changes at all since it was built which gives it, it's charm.


The catering is exclusively through Bill Hansen Catering and they oversee the entire venue, what I love about this venue. Is the fact that the catering team has so many options for chairs, chargers, glassware, flatware, linens and tables as a planner, if I see one more white folding chair or a standard banquet chair. (I am so over those LOL) When I walked into that room and saw how many options they had I was in wedding planner heaven.....even their most basic package comes with chivari chairs. I forgot to mention the bridal suite, the bride has access to it starting at 10am the day of her wedding. Villa Woodbine only does one event a day. They have separate spaces for the cake, bar, DJ and dancing, but because its in a residential area the event has to end by 11pm.


The last thing we know how hot summer is here in Florida and since their main space is outside and so the brides, grooms and their friends and families don't don't melt in the Florida heat, they tent the outside space with a clear tent and its completely air conditioned, who can beat that deal have a fabulous wedding in the summer at an amazing space and not have to worry about the summer heat.


This venue is definitely a hidden treasure, with a lot of history, great architecture and you can definitely take some amazing pictures. check out their website at and if you want to take a look at this venue for your wedding contact Genevieve (Gen) Medina she is absolutely amazing! follow them on instagram @villa_woodbine

2022 Wedding Trends

Themed Parties 

“Now that we’re all double-vaxxed, weddings are doubling down on both fun and tradition. But rehearsal dinners and welcome parties are all about fun, with themes that are all about fun and humor and whimsy: the circus, outdoor bonfires in the woods, masquerades with a point of view, even a rhinestone rodeo.” 

“We've gotten so many requests for "themed" weddings or welcome parties—think Monte Cristo, disco nights, Old Hollywood. These are just a few. It feels like clients want an entire concept from start to finish, but executed in a way that doesn't feel trite but rather modern and fun. We have actually really loved this and welcomed any non-traditional viewpoints on celebration.” 


What’s Out in 2022

Family Style Meals

Goodbye, family-style dinner service (I'm waving enthusiastically)! Leave this sloppy casual supper for summer BBQs. Our clients want formality, ritual and elegance...and lots of room on the table for flowers.

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2022 Wedding Tip

Don’t wait to book a venue or vendors. As things open up again both at home and abroad, the best venues are booking up fast. Remember, there’s a huge ‘backlog’ of couples to accommodate, and it’s a situation that will last well into 2022 and possibly even 2023. The same goes for top wedding vendors. Unfortunately, some vendors have had to close their doors during COVID-19, so there’s an even greater demand for top wedding planners, florists, cake designers, etc.

Wedding Advice 2022

Review contracts carefully. Before you sign anything, have transparent discussions with vendors about their terms and policies, especially relating to Covid. Make sure you understand what is due and when, what is and is not refundable, and their cancellation and postponement policies. Also, ask about their safety requirements. Be sure that you get all these agreements in writing so everyone is on the same page from the start.  Be sure to purchase event insurance if Covid has taught us anything you need to protect yourself  for unexpected events, that would cause your event to be cancelled or postponed.