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Bridal Shower Florals

We are so excited to talk with you more about your wedding and floral needs! If you’ve received this form, we’re currently available for your wedding date and would love to talk more.

Please provide us with the following information about your wedding/event day and flower needs. We understand that some of these details may not have been discussed or finalized yet, but please guess as best you can. Our floral proposals are custom for each client and very detailed, so we’ll use the information you provide to put together a pricing and design proposal for you. The more information, the better!

Please fill out this form before our scheduled 60minute consultation call. There is a link to schedule this call in the same email that you found this form!


Estimated Floral Budget:

Please describe your wedding color palette + any specific colors that you'd like for us to focus on when it comes to your wedding flowers.

Please list any flowers or types of greenery that you love and would want to see incorporated into your wedding flowers.
Does a certain flower have special meaning to you, your partner, or your families?

What are three words you would use to describe the aesthetic or vibe of your wedding day? Are there any thematic or design elements that you'd like to incorporate into your wedding design?

Please include a link to your Pinterest board, a vision board, AislePlanner board, or any images that are inspiring you when it comes to your wedding flowers!


How many  bridesmaids and grromsmen will you have in your wedding party?

Would you like to include personal flowers for parents, grandparents, or siblings? Your officiant? Please tell us how many men + women you'd like to provide flowers for.

Other Personal flower needs

ceremony altar needs:  Please check all of the following that apply to the items you''d like to see at your ceremony site

Choose your pizza toppings:

other ceremony needs:  Please select any of the following items that you'd like to included at your ceremony site.

Choose your pizza toppings:

Ceremony Notes: If you selected "other" in either of the above fields, please describe your vision/needs here.

Reception guest count: When it comes to your reception, how many guests are you currently expecting

Antidipated table layout

Reception notes:
If you selected "other" in either of the above fields, please describe your vision/needs here. if you have a favorite inspiration image,, this is a great place to share a link to this image!

Any other information we should know?

Hey Luv, Thank you for submitting your questionnaire we will get back to you with in 24 hours to set up your consultation!!

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