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Event Styling & Design Questionnaire


In you own words, how would you describe your dream wedding?

How do you want to feel when on your wedding day?  How do you want your guest to feel?

In your opinion, other than saying "I DO" when they are supposed to, what makes a wedding a success?

What will the Bride(s) and/or Groom(s) be wearing?

Will you be having a wedding party? If so, how many (Males/Females/Kids) and what will they be wearing?

Color plays a major role in event design, what color(s) are you most drawn to for your wedding day?  Please feel free to send any inspirational photos or swatches.

Share your wedding style.

Check all that apply

Design is about the look and feel of a space.  What textures, materials and compositions are you drawn to for your wedding day?

Check all that apply

What are some of your favorite stores? What do you like about them?

What are some of your bucket list vacation spots? Why?

Is there anything else you can share to help us begin to design your event?

Thanks for submitting!

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