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Destination Wedding Myths

So let me start by saying that you should not listen to people who are not professionals or who have not planned a Destination Wedding!

I'm writing this particular blog because I had a young lady call because she was looking to plan a destination wedding and, someone she had spoke to had given her information that was not true.

1. Is the wedding couple is responsible for their guest flight and hotel?

Not at all, your guest are responsible for their flights and accommodations and if you are at an all inclusive resort all of their food and beverages are included in the room rate.


If you are planning a Destination Wedding I would suggest planning at least 12-18 months in advance to give your guest time to plan for it, because you never know what your guest financial situations are. I suggest using a destination wedding specialist because they are able to get you better rates on flight and hotels as well as have payment plans available for you and your guest and will save you time and money.

2. Destination weddings are expensive?

This is also not true. Some resorts offer free weddings based on the number of room nights you and your guest book. The free wedding is pretty basic but if you want more you have the option to upgrade and the resorts typically have several upgrade options. and you can extend your stay at the resort for your Honeymoon using the group rates and if your lucky most resorts will upgrade your room the night of your wedding to the honeymoon suite.

3. I've heard it's really dangerous traveling to certain places in the Caribbean and Mexico. Will anyone come if I do my wedding in one of these destinations?

Most areas in the Caribbean are just as safe, if not safer than major cities in the U.S.. My "rule of thumb" is that I won't send clients anywhere I wouldn't take my own family. I have had some guests call me with concerns about safety and when I explain more about the area they are going, the resort and surroundings and set expectations, they realize there is nothing to be concerned about. I've not had any guests back out of a wedding due to safety concerns.

4. If I have my wedding during hurricane season in the Caribbean, is it true that my wedding will be rained out?

It rains almost daily in most tropical destinations, but only for a short period. So yes, your wedding could encounter rain, however, most resorts have a back-up plan in place in case of rain such as an ocean-front or garden gazebo or a covered area of the property. Out of all the regions in the Caribbean, the south-eastern part has the least number of hurricanes and the south-western and the north-east region (The Bahamas) has the most. The Caribbean hurricane season reaches its peak during October with the majority of hurricane formation occurring in the western Caribbean. All guests should plan to purchase travel insurance which will cover them in the event that a hurricane cancels, postpones or redirects the wedding group.

FYI: Hurricane season lasts from June through October. If, perchance, your wedding does get a bit of rain, consider it good luck and use it as an opportunity to have a laugh and bond with your guests.

Now you have a little more information about destination weddings and the myths you may hear from family or friends, and can rest assured that having a destination wedding will not cost you more. We’d love to hear any other questions you may have, so please email us at

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