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Groomsmen Responsibilities

Congratulations, you have been asked to be a groomsmen at your good friends wedding. That is a major honor and a privilege, but it does come with some responsibilities. Overall your responsibilities are to support and assist the groom before, during and after the "Big Day". I have prepared a list of Responsibilities to help the Groomsmen master their roles.   Study this list, get comfortable with the jobs you’re responsible for – and you’ll be well on your way to winning the MVG Award (Most Valuable Groomsman)!

Pre-Wedding Duties:Here is a list of duties the Groomsmen are typically expected to take care of:

Getting fitted for their tuxedos, this should be done 2-3 months before the wedding, unless the couple offers to take care of the suits/tuxedos.

Groomsmen are expected to have their tux ready and fitted in time for the wedding themselves. Showing up all handsome and presentable is also a show of support for the groom’s special day.

Attend all Pre-wedding Events: Engagement Party

Couples Showers

Rehearsal Dinner


These parties are special celebrations for the couple and your presence will mean a lot to them, although this can get a little expensive for the groomsmen……..but in a way it’s a great way to spend some time with the groom before he ties the knot and becomes less available on Friday nights and a great way to meet the wedding party if you already haven’t. Helping to plan the Bachelor Party, the best man usually takes it upon himself to plan a great party for the groom and the groomsmen are expected to assist him in planning and carrying out the details.

Wedding Day Duties:

Been on time at the designated meeting point and get ready with the groom and groomsmen.

Make sure that the groom is relaxed and eats.

Assist the ushers with escorting guest to their seats, with so many guests it might become overwhelming. Only if the bride and groom approve.

Depending on what the bride and groom wants you might be escorting the bridesmaids down the aisle or walking out with the groom.

Dance with your bridesmaid party if a wedding party dance has been coordinated Have a speech ready, you never know if you might be called upon to say a few words. Traditionally, it’s the best man that gives the speech, but I’ve planned and been to many weddings were the groomsmen have said a few words.

Depending on venue or whether or not a wedding planner was involved, the bride and groom’s family might need a few good men to help clean up, carry gifts to cars or even breaking down tables.

Post-Wedding Duties:

Assist with driving out-of-town guest to the airport. Return your tuxedo or suit to the rental store or designate a person to return it for you, make sure you return on-time because some places charge a late fee.

Finally get some well-deserved rest, you have definitely earned it.

Of course, grooms can’t have his best friends do all that for him and not be appreciated. There’s no need to get sappy either, instead, present each of them with a groomsman gift.

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