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The best Greek islands for your summer wedding

When it comes to finding a setting for a summer wedding, few places rival the allure of the Greek islands. The iconic vistas of whitewashed buildings dotted along rolling hillsides, with dreamy beaches tucked under dramatic coastlines embody the essence of romance. Greece is both sophisticated and charming, and here, intimate atmospheres and unparalleled hospitality go hand in hand. If you’re looking for the perfect Greek island to host your big day, look no further – here are our top three.


Nestled in the heart of the crystal-clear Aegean Sea, this Cycladic island offers a truly picturesque backdrop for your wedding. Seamlessly blending natural beauty with fascinating stories, Paros is sure to enchant you and your guests. Famous for its white Parian marble, the history of this island dates all the way back to 3200 BC and it has been ruled by Sparta, Macedonians and the Romans.


You’ll find plenty of romantic settings in Paros, from delicate clifftop chapels to five-star beachfront wedding resorts. Here you can tie the knot with ocean waves as your soundtrack, dine on fresh seafood and then dance the night away on powder-soft sands. And as with all Greek islands, the hospitality found here is second to none – you will be welcomed and embraced as part of the community when spending any amount of time in Paros. It’s worth noting that the island is well-connected to the mainland, making it an accessible choice for your celebration.


As the largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands, Rhodes is known for its rich history and fascinating stories, myths and legends. For the ultimate experience in both Mediterranean splendour and historical grandeur, host your ceremony in the central old town, which is a UNESCO heritage site offering stone streets and distinctive Italian architecture. There are several purpose-built wedding venues here, with mosaic tile floors, white archways draped in sweet jasmine vines and rooftop patios.


Whether you opt to say ‘I do’ in a Mediaeval fairytale castle or on one of the many balmy beaches, you’ll be spoilt for choice here. With warm, dry weather all summer long, there’s little chance of rain ruining your day. Dining on Rhodes is an experience in itself; savour authentic Greek cuisine made from fresh seafood and local produce, and wash it down with some of Rhodes’ delectable wines made from grapes picked from the island's sun-drenched vineyards.


Santorini is to the Greek islands as sprinkles are to ice cream – this island is the epitome of dazzling panoramas and picturesque vistas. With its crystalline waters and white sands, Santorini is famous for picture-perfect scenery, which is only enhanced by its world-famous sunsets. Whether you choose to host your ceremony on the seafront or at a luxury resort, the elegance of this iconic Greek island will not disappoint.


Amazingly, there are believed to be more churches than houses on this paradisiacal island, with over 600 of all shapes and sizes. Santorini is also home to the only inhabited caldera in the world. It is also said there is more wine than water on the island, owing to the immense number of wineries and minimal annual rainfall.

The perfect place for a summer wedding

For a summer wedding set amidst dramatic scenery and neverending sunshine glistening over azure oceans, consider the Greek islands. From elegant beachside resorts to quaint village chapels, there’s a plethora of options to suit all couples. And with abundant sunshine and gentle sea breezes, planning your destination wedding is easy on any of these magical Greek islands.

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