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The Right Wedding Planner

When searching for a Wedding Planner it can be a time consuming task, because you want to pick a planner who's going to listen to you, be your advocate, communicate and be open and honest with you through the entire wedding planning process........ Ive seen and heard stories of wedding planners taking clients money and not following through on services, or not doing things that they promised to do and the list goes on and on. So let me tell you, when searching for a wedding planner make sure they are a legitimate business you can look on your states website, to see if they are a registered business. Check reviews, ask for those references, make sure they have a contract and read through it thoroughly.

I know my contract is 6 pages long and I make sure my clients read through the whole thing, because they have to initial every single line item and I send it through docusign to make sure they do. I want my client to understand everything including my expectations of them, and the services I am providing for them. i want to protect my client as well as myself in case either party doesn't follow through. So below are some other things to look for in choosing the right planner for you:

Do you enjoy spending time together?

Countless hours will be spent discussing intimate topics and details such as close family, personal funds, and other sensitive areas – either in person, via phone, zoom, facetime etc etc. Make sure this is someone you are comfortable with and most importantly trust. A good rule of thumb is to hire someone you feel you could be friends with, after your event is over.

Is your planner is open to your ideas and vendor suggestions Some planners have preferred vendors, but they should be willing to hear your suggestions and run with them – it is your wedding after all!

A good planner will be honest and open from the beginning in regards to budget Even if they aren’t saying what you want to hear, the good planners will speaking numbers right from the start and not sugar-coat the real costs with you.

Is your planner is super organized? The best planners keep meticulous records of details from your initial meetings and continue to bring up these details throughout the process. Your planner schedules appointments with yourself (if you’re available) and suppliers and keeps everything organized for you and sends reminders before appointments!

The planner you chose should be assertive You want someone who can represent you in a knowledgeable way and keep the other suppliers organized

Your planner should be calm under pressure If your planner appears stressed out, you (and your guests) will feed off stress. When you speak to previous clients check that everything ran smoothly for them and their planner was an expert at this.

Your planner remains professional Although you may have picked someone who could be your new best friend, they should remain professional throughout the process, you meet up for cocktails after the honeymoon!

You know you have the correct planner if you are relaxed and are enjoying the process You may feel a little stressed from time to time as situations crop up that’s only natural but it shouldn’t be a stressful whirlwind for 9 or 12 months – that is what your planner is for. If you can enjoy most of it, your planner is doing their job

Laugh You should be able to laugh with your planner – they should have a good sense of humor and shouldn’t overload you and know when to have a moment to laugh.

So safe to say if you find a wedding planner that meets all of these criteria and more, you've found the right planner for you!!

Happy Planning!!

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