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Our most exclusive marriage proposal planning package.

Our VIP Proposal Experience is our most exclusive package.

You will receive all the perks of a full wedding proposal planner.


While our other packages offer a virtual planning experience, our VIP package allows our lead proposal planner to travel to your specific proposal location and be personally on site the day of your proposal.

Together, we create a full day luxurious proposal experience leading to your grande finale, the proposal.



What is the cost?

To qualify for this package, our client proposal budget minimum is $8K.

Where does the VIP proposal take place?

We will travel within the US  and Abroad to make your proposal happen. Travel depends on the availability of our planner and the client's budget. Please contact us for more information on scheduling your special date.

Liana & Mohamed Dubai Proposal.JPG
Liana & Mohamed Dubai Proposal 1.JPG
Liana & Mohamed Dubai Proposal 2.JPG
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