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Wedding Day Mishaps And Quick Fixes

On your wedding day, your wish is most likely for everything to fall perfectly into place after all of the time you’ve spent planning for it. Sometimes, however, it won’t all be perfect and that’s quite alright. A bump or two throughout the day is perfectly normal. Here are some of the most common wedding day mishaps and the best ways to fix them to ensure your wedding day is the day of your dreams.


It’s the morning of your wedding. You wake up, go to brush your teeth, look in the mirror and suddenly you have a rash or a blemish. What do you do?

Ask the makeup artist to help you hide it and to pick a concealer that will stay put for several hours. Pack green and nude coloured concealer to help you touch up spots during the day and hide the redness.

Tip: If you notice it a few hours before makeup time put some toothpaste on it. It will help reduce the swelling and shrink the pimple.


Suddenly you go to put the dress on and there’s a little too much room or the seam has ripped. What do you do?

First – before the big day – pack a few “just in case” essentials for the big day in a bag. A strapless bra with a little lift can help fix slight gapping in the chest and some fashion tape can keep things tacked down. If you ripped the seam of your dress, don’t panic. Bring a small sewing kit with a needle and thread that matches your gown (your Wedding Planner will also be fully stocked with items to help you so be sure to let them know if you have any issues).

If you’re out and about doing photos and don’t have your Wedding Planner with you (they’re generally at the venue setting up during this time) there’s a good chance that a bridesmaid, your mother, or even a groomsman knows how to saw. Give them a few minutes and they’ll have your dress ready to go down the aisle in no time.


It rained just ahead of your ceremony (which of course is good luck) but, now your heels are sinking into the ground. What do you do?

Thankfully, there was a hero who saved brides everywhere from this disastrous moment. These heel stoppers slip onto the bottom of your heel and will keep them from sinking into the ground. The best part is that they are reasonably priced and will keep your shoes protected. They’re great gifts for your bridesmaids as well!


Your makeup took longer than expected. The limo broke down. Maybe a bridesmaid showed up late. What do you do?

Deep breaths. The truth is that weddings rarely ever stay on schedule (Wedding Planners do there best but some things even they can’t control). Things are bound to happen throughout the day that throw you off schedule. Don’t worry your guests will be understanding. If the ceremony starts 15 minutes later than expected you can take 15 minutes from another portion of the night (your Wedding Planner is there to help manage the schedule and trouble shoot to keep things flowing). To avoid this, plan to give yourself ample time in between each portion of the event.


You’re getting ready to leave for the ceremony and you start sweating, you’re shaking at the knees, and your stomach is feeling queasy. What do you do?

Don’t stress out, it’ll be okay. Take a few moments to calm your nerves. Some water and a light snack will help to ease your stomach. We’re all about the all natural but today is the day you might just want to apply strong deodorant to combat the sweating. Have a bridesmaid or your mom there to help you relax and remind you how exciting this all is.

Tip: If you’re worried about this leading up to the wedding try a few sessions in a great infrared sauna (to help you cleanse it all out) and take some maganizium the weeks leading up to the wedding. It reduces the smell of sweat and helps you sleep (fun fact – you’ll find it in a lot of natural deodorants)

No matter what mishaps may occur, give yourself a moment and then let it go. It’s your wedding day and the last thing you want to be doing is staying stressed over something – big or small.

Your support system (wedding party, parents, Wedding Planner) are there for you and there to help make the day run smoothly and to help you stay in the moment and have fun. Remember that it’s only one day – yes a big and important day – and you only get this one day so try and enjoy every part of it!

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