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What to Include in Guest Welcome Bags!

The Tote

When choosing what you put your welcome kit in, consider the many options available:

Canvas boat totes, decorative boxes, gift bags, or even mini wine crates make great containers for your welcome kits. Boxes have become increasingly popular because they remain tidy and are easy to stack when transporting them to the hotel, and from the front desk to the guest suite. To ensure guests receive the totes just the way you’ve intended, don’t forget to arrange your welcome bag delivery process with the hotel ahead of time. Contact the hotel concierge to ask how they are delivered: do they hand them to guests upon check in, drop them in the room prior to guest arrival, or direct guests to the messenger center? Knowing ahead of time will help you pick the best packing solution and avoid surprise fees!

The Paperwork

While the snacks are the most exciting part of the welcome bag, do not overlook the paperwork. Help guests have what they need to know at their fingertips with an itinerary that details locations, addresses, times, and dress codes for the events of your weekend (rehearsal dinner, ladies’ luncheon, pre-wedding photo sessions, after-party details, and post-wedding brunch, for example). If you are providing transportation, this is a great place to include shuttle pick-up and drop-off information as well. Also, consider including local maps, a card detailing your favorite things to do in the area, and, of course, a welcome note to your guests (even better when handwritten and personalized!)

The Water

Bottled water in hotel rooms can often add up to big bucks for your guests. Take the opportunity to offer up thirst-quenchers that also add some style. We’ve recently become obsessed with Boxed Water ($29 for a 24 pack,! Budget-providing, include a sparkling water option as well like Pellegrino ($13 for a 24 pack, or Saratoga water. While glass bottles are elegant, Pellegrino, Aqua Panna ($13 for a 6 pack; and Voss ($28 for a 24 pack, all offer 16 oz. plastic bottles that make it a lot easier—and lighter—to transport. We suggest two bottles per guest tote!

Fresh Fruit

Guests always appreciate fresh fruit—so go seasonal and local, if you can. Purchase in bulk from a local purveyor and ask them to sort through their best bundles for your gift bags to avoid multiple trips to the store. Also, stick with apples and citrus as they will stand up in the bags for several days where bananas and stone fruits can get mushy and messy.

"Something Sweet"

Every wedding welcome tote should include something to satisfy your guests’ sweet-tooth! Make it fun by including your favorite candy in cute packaging like champagne-flavored gummies or purchase in bulk from Sweet City Candy where you can find everything from gummy-bears and Swedish Fish to candy in your color palette! Other sweets to note are specialty chocolate bars like truffle bars, individually packaged black and white cookies, or for a healthy kick, vegan truffles.

"Something Salty"

For late nights after the after-party, something salty is always much appreciated by your guests. While nut mixes are always popular, they can also create issues with nut allergies so consider some of these other salty snacks! Potato chips are always a hit—and come in more gourmet flavors than ever before. Torres Premium Potato Chips come in a variety of exotic flavors from Black Truffle ($15 for a pack of 5; to Caviar to Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Mediterranean Herb (plus they have great packaging, which sets them aside from the convenience store brands, showing your guests you’ve thought through every detail). Healthy kale chips are also a hit for late-night eats: Rhythm Super foods Kale Chips also come in great flavors from Zesty Nacho ($24 for a pack of 4, to Kool Ranch and Sea Salt, too.

Something Handmade

If you want to take up the luxury of your welcome tote, consider including something spa-inspired to amp up the comforts of your guest’s room such as handmade soap or travel candles.

Hangover Relief

Yes, it’s a wedding and there will be hangovers. Pain relief tablets and solutions are always appreciated! Pop in a couple of Advil packets and a tin of Altoids into a cute “hangover kit” mini-satchel for the morning after.

Do Not Disturb

Give your guests the gift of sleeping in after all the fun! Work with your stationer— or— get crafty with your design and printing skills by creating personalized “Do Not Disturb” door hanger signs for your guests. They’ll appreciate the extra stay-in-your room service and have a token to take home to remember all of the fun!

The Libation

Drinks—alcoholic and non-alcoholic—are a nice way to set a celebratory tone for your affair! Take a cue from your location: Are you in New England? Include a micro brew from a local brewery. Time to include to a mini bottle of Verdi Spumante bubbly or wine. Striped straws are a nice decorative touch!

Customizing your welcome bags is a great added touch for your guest using your monograms, names and wedding date.

For more information or details on creating an amazing welcome basket for your out of town guest please feel free to email me at

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