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Your Honeymoon Planning Guide Creating The Trip Of a Lifetime

We all know that planning a wedding is time-consuming and stressful – but the stress of honeymoon planning is often overlooked. While it should be the perfect way to relax after your wedding, the honeymoon planning process itself can be lengthy and at times difficult, with many couples lacking the time or energy to plan both their wedding and honeymoon.

Which is why, I utilized my extensive travel experience to extend my service offering to include romance travel which includes honeymoon planning – offering our couples the ability to plan both their wedding and honeymoon through us, saving you maximum time and energy. Read on for our top tips on planning the perfect honeymoon…


While wedding planning is an expensive process in itself, it’s important to set aside a sufficient budget to allocate towards your honeymoon. With the majority of couples now living together before getting married, the traditional gift list has gone out the window, with many couples now opting honeymoon gift lists, either in the form of cash contributions or by the buying of ‘experiences’ on your travels. The latter works particularly well for the more traditional guests and family members who like the idea of ‘giving’ something specific, and also allows you to share photos of your specific experiences with each of your guests.

It can of course be hard to know how much you will receive in terms of wedding gift donations, so many couples opt to have their mini-moon then plan their honeymoon further down the line, once they know how much of a budget they have to play with.

Location, Location, Location

Choosing the right destination can be tricky, with so many amazing places to go. With long-haul destinations seeing their prime season run from December through to May, many couples are postponing their honeymoon to not only save up more money post-wedding, but also to allow them to travel at the optimal time of year.

While locations such as the Maldives have long topped the lists for the most popular honeymoon destinations (and for good reason), there are so many more hidden gem destinations out there which can provide you with totally unique experiences and avoid the cookie cutter honeymoon experience. Think outside the box and get off the beaten track! If you’re after idyllic white sand beaches, try the Philippines or Belize. Or how about swapping your traditional safari for wildlife spotting in the rain forests of Brazil?

To help you narrow it down, think about when you ideally want to go, how long for, and how far you want to travel to get there. If you need assistance and are struggling to decide, I offer bespoke inspiration sessions to get the creative juices flowing and help you with narrowing down some top destinations they you will enjoy the most. Having so far visited so many countries, I'm well placed to help you find those hidden gems and find the right destination, or destinations, for you.

Tailored to You

Travel is very personal and it’s important that wherever you decide to go, your honeymoon plans are bespoke. While wedding planning requires considering the wants and needs of your guests, your honeymoon is a chance to think purely about you.

Whether you’re after a five-star luxury or unique home stay experience, gourmet dining at Michelin-starred restaurants or grazing on local street food, a bespoke honeymoon tailored to you is so important to allow you to fully enjoy that precious time off and celebrate your recent marriage.

Switch Off

Together, make a list of your priorities, getting a balance between taking time out to chill, and getting involved in some activities or excursions to let your hair down and have fun together.

After all the excitement of the wedding, it’s important that you set aside some time to relax and just ‘be’ – spending precious time together and taking time to process the recent events! At the same time, your honeymoon is the perfect time to have fun as a couple, and make memories to last a lifetime, so try and strike the balance.

Where possible, try and do a digital detox. While it can be tempting to share all your experiences to Instagram, and Facebook it’s important that you make the most of every minute of your honeymoon, so make a pact to switch off for parts of your trip and just focus on being there with each other.

If you need a assistance planning your honeymoon, feel free check out our romance travel page for more information on how we can help plan you a Honeymoon of a Lifetime! or you can call 321-205-8326 or 1-561-440-2244 and email:


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