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Tips for choosing memorable wedding favors!

As a wedding planner my clients always ask me about what kind of wedding favors they should give their guest. Sometime that decision can be daunting to couples especially when one wants to give one thing and the other something else, but it doesn't have to be. It's another decision and choice that has to be made. It also needs to be "perfect" or "different" and not like everyone else's! Your favors should reflect you as a couple and something your guest will use. The days of mesh bags filled with almond candies is "OVER" There are so many unique options these days that will WOW your guest and are a great way to show your them you appreciate their support and to give them something to remember the wedding day by, or they just might end up in the trash somewhere (no one wants that). There is literally a favor for everyone.

To guarantee your gifts get noticed (and appreciated), So, here's the deal brides! When deciding on favors here are some tips on picking out the perfect favors:

Think Practically:Like any good gift, you'll want to put some thought into your selection. Before you dish out the cash for those monogrammed Christmas ornaments or koozies, take a moment to reflect—is this something you would want? You don't want your favor to collect dust or worse yet end up in the trash, so consider something that's practical or edibles.

Pass on the Monogram: Resist the urge to put your initials and wedding date on everything. Personalizing the favors is a fast way to turn a useful gift into something guests will pass on. Your guest probably will not want to take coasters home with your pictures on them, I would save the monograms or other personal touches for the packaging.

Choose Something Meaningful: Choose favors that express your personalities, speak to the wedding's setting or share something you love with your guests. Are you both into wine? Do you love to play golf? Do you have a favorite beverage? Do you both love to travel? think of the things you love to do as a couple and incorporate those into your favors it adds that personal touch and reflects both of your personalities as well.

DIY—With Discretion Being a wedding planner I go above and beyond for my clients and have had my staff do some DIY favor projects for our clients. While DIY favors might seem like an easy way to save money, they can be a lot of work. (trust me I know) So before you(or have someone else) go crazy with the glue gun, try making a few samples to gauge whether you're up for the project —assembling and wrapping 200 favors is probably more time-consuming than you might think. I know as brides you are very particular and if something isn't done to your specification, you can get attitude and end up doing it yourself. (time you do not have especially if your working) so consider all of this before doing DIY favors.

Order (Or Make) Extra

Whether you choose to give one favor per guest or per couple, always have backups ready (figure about 10 extra favors for every hundred guests) in case some get lost or broken in transit. Plus, you know some guests will take extras, and you may want to hold on to a few favors as keepsakes.

Wrap It Up/Plan the Display

Personalized packaging and a thoughtful display can go a long way when it comes to these tiny tokens. From colorful boxes and clear cellophane bags to tiny tin pails and slim silver canisters, your favor packaging can, and should, make as much of an impact as what's inside it. Edible favors require special packaging. Paper bags or boxes can quickly absorb the grease of cookies or custom popcorn (leaving you with an unsightly favor box). Line the container with wax paper before adding any edible goodies to keep grease from leaking through. While they're thought of as parting gifts, favors can be handed out at anytime, from the start of the wedding to the end of the night. That means you can definitely make your escort cards or place cards double as favors—smaller favors wrapped in pretty packaging can add to the table décor. If your favors deserve a spotlight, designate a special table at the reception or near the exit for guests to grab on their way out.

Remember you have a world of options for wedding favors keep an open mind and choose the perfect favor that you know your guest will keep, eat or drink.

Happy Planning!

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