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Choosing The Right Centerpieces

The centerpieces you use at your wedding can make a big difference at your reception. Using the right centerpieces can help set the tone of the event while also making your wedding day more magical. There's a lot to consider when choosing your centerpiece, from spending plan, to design, to the comfort and happiness of your guests.

Tie the Centerpieces Into Your Theme or Color Scheme

Centerpieces, like every other aspect of your wedding, are an excellent opportunity to tie into your theme and/or color scheme of your weeding to keep your guests engaged. If summer is your theme or color scheme? Use vibrant summer colors for your centerpieces, you might even want to use colorful vases to enhance the beauty and elegance of the sky on a hot summer day.

Consider Your Spending Plan

Most couples on a specific spending plan can buy beautiful, engaging centerpieces for their wedding. With a little smart shopping and creative thinking, the tables at your wedding reception can be charming, elegant, and inexpensive.

Buy inexpensive flowers in bulk. Gerbera daisies, carnations and mums are commonly sold inexpensively from florists. Best of all, these flowers come in a wide range of colors to match with any wedding ceremony. While you may not be in the market for high-end exotic floral arrangements, you can still impress your guests with the sheer quantity of your flowers.

Look for in-season, local varieties. Flowers get less expensive and easier to find when they're in season. Contacting florists that carry local flowers from local markets can help you find more affordable flowers for your wedding reception.

Shop around. You'll get the best deals by looking well in advance and by consulting with a variety of different florists before making your final decision.

Avoid flowers altogether. Who says you need flowers to make a beautiful centerpiece? Candles, strands of lights, garland, lanterns, feathers, seashells, beads and other magical looking objects can all make beautiful centerpieces.

Go Eclectic for a Big Wedding

If you're having a very large wedding with many tables, consider using a wide variety of centerpieces, of varying sizes and made from different materials. For example, divide your centerpieces into three groups. The first group, large bouquets, will have bountiful floral arrangements with a huge variety of flowers. The second group, small bouquets, will consist of smaller bouquets made from smaller flower types. The third group will be a non-flower arrangement (using lights or candles, for example). Varying your centerpieces in this way could help liven up the space, adding visual interest to your reception.

The beauty of the centerpieces is not the only thing you should consider when choosing centerpieces. The comfort and preferences of your guests should be considered just as much as the aesthetics. After all, your guests may spend hours at the table, talking to other guests and relaxing at your party.

Choosing the right centerpieces will help make this experience more enjoyable for all.

Keep the size to a minimum. Tall, wide centerpieces can make it hard to see the dance floor, the happy couple and the people across the table. Using short centerpieces that guests can see over helps keep the wedding entertaining and fun for everyone.

Use unscented flowers for people with allergies. Flowers that smell beautiful can certainly add a nice aroma to the air. Unfortunately, these lovely scents could force guests with allergies to leave early. Work with your florist to find flowers that have minimal scent.

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