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How to Keep Children Entertained at Your Wedding

At most wedding having kids their is inevitable because almost everyone has at least one, two or maybe 3 or more. its also inevitable that the kids are going to get bored and just cant be still. As a parent/grandparent and wedding planner myself I definitely know the feeling. So I'm going to give you some great ideas to keep the little ones occupied.

  1. Hire an event sitter especially if you are going to have an abundance of kids at your wedding, they usually have a lot of things for the kids to do, so they don't get bored and keeps them busy while the parents enjoy the party.

  2. Have a designated kids table and a mouthwatering menu for them, have activities on the table for them to do like coloring books, puzzles, toys etc. along with their own little favor bags. Kids will love it.

  3. Depending on where your wedding is, and time of the year you can set up an activities are for the kids out doors with toys and other activities you think they would love to do you can even make it fun and make tee pees for them to sit in a play add some cushions and let them enjoy themselves, so the parents can to. This would be perfect, especially for those spring/summer weddings if it's not too hot.

  4. Allow them to play instruments for example when the bride and groom are reccessing down the aisle after the ceremony or leaving the reception for their honeymoon.

  5. Have the kids wave sparklers as the Bride and Groom exit I know my kids loved these and what kid wouldn't.

  6. At the wedding, let the guest including the kids have access to Instax cameras. This will keep everybody entertained, but will help the bride and groom capture their event from unique perspectives.

  7. Set up a kids' room or station filled with props they can play with.....dress-up outfits are highly encouraged.

  8. It's easy to get preoccupied by building blocks like Legos.......which works in your favor if you're looking for a way to distract little ones.

  9. Don't forget about refreshments. Give the children their own cocktail hour bar stocked with non-alcoholic beverages, with fancy straws.

  10. Keep them occupied with a giant version of a classic game: Jenga, Connect Four and many others giant classic games. How fun is that?

Well, I hope I gave you a few great ideas to keep the little ones occupied at your wedding remember they are just as important as your adult guest, so keep them in mind when your planning your wedding.

Happy Planning!!

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