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Questions to ask your Travel Professional!

Using a travel professional makes all the difference in the world when booking a trip anywhere in the world, unlike online booking services like Travelocity, Expedia, Priceline etc. They cant give you the personal help you may need in case you have issues with your travel documents, passport, transportation or resort issues.

So here are a few questions you should ask your travel pro before booking a family vacation, destination wedding, honeymoon or any trip you may be taking:

1. How much time will be spent in transit? This is important as it can result in you missing out a day or two, just in travel. So a 7 day vacation turns into 5 days vacation with 2 days of getting to and from the airport, flight times and that 3 hours you’re asked to be at the airport in advance of your flight.

2. Is your flight and transfers from the airport included in the price? How about any children you’re flying with?

3. What types of resorts are available……Adult Only or children/family friendly resort?

4. Do Family Friendly resorts offer supervised activities for your children (verify age groups)? and are there child care services in the event you'd like to go our for dinner or spend time as a couple?

5. What activities and amenities are included with your booking? Maybe you like water sports, enjoy the spa, dining options, is there a gym, how about internet and cell phone service?

6. What food and drink options are there? (this questions is most important when booking a Cuban vacation)

7. Beyond the traditional buffet fare, are there ala carte restaurants.. how many, are they included, are reservations needed and if you do need to make reservations do you do so on booking your vacation or while on the resort? Is there a cancellation fee?

8. Do you require a visa and are there additional fees like exit/departure taxes at the airport?

9. Currency conversion if necessary. Airport, bank or on the resort?

10. What type of power supply do they use?

11. Is there a concierge service available to book off-resort type activities? (like snorkeling, catamaran sailing, swimming with dolphins, shopping, horseback riding etc…)

12. Does the resort have offsite partners they work with (reputable) for such activities?

13. Beach.. is the resort on its own private beach or do you have a short walk to the beach/what about pools, sunbathing..? how many? and are there lifeguards on duty?

14. Peak season or Low season.. besides any price reductions, when is service, food, drink etc better? What about the weather and temperatures?

15. Language and off-resort safety?

16. Night Life?

17. Medical emergencies.. what’s the procedure for health care for visitors?

18. Is the water in front of the beach swimmable? If not how far is the nearest beach?

19. Why should I purchase travel insurance?

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