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Day-Of Coordinations (Yes or No)

I know that there are a lot of wedding planners who offer Day-Of Coordination for weddings. I’m not sure what their process is, but I have run into people who literally just want me to come in on just the Day-Of to manage their weddings. Oh and told me they will give me a detailed list of what needs to be done when I arrive. I DO NOT think so! Honestly as a professional I can’t even work like that with a clear conscience, because if anything goes wrong they will put the blame on me.

I offer Month-Of Coordination because I am anal when it comes to my clients weddings. I need to know ever single detail about what Is going on......on the day-of. Whether it’s what vendors your using, about the venue, about the ceremony and reception, decor, etc. I just don’t want any surprise.

Too tell you the truth, any wedding planner who says they can just show up on the day-of your wedding......blindly, will not be able to do their job effectively nor to the best of their ability because they would be lost and will not know what is going on. I understand that couples want help just on the day-of and may not have it in their budget to hire someone for Month-of Coordination. My question is do you want your wedding to be a disaster or something that people will remember and talk about in a good way?

I would at least hire someone early enough so you can sit down with them face-to-face to go over every single detail. If you want your wedding day to be successful that’s what you have to do. To find the extra money she what you can cut from your budget. Believe me I have had couples who have found money when it’s something they really wanted. Most of the time it was something they cut because it wasn’t that important to them.

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, you should treat it as such and hire a professional wedding planner at least 3-4 weeks out for Day-of coordination. So they can give you the best damn Day-of coordination you can get. Trust me it will be worth it expecting someone to come in on the day of your wedding might not turn out as well!

Happy Planning!😘

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