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Luxury Wedding Invitations

Like so many big events, a great presentation is a big part of how guests will perceive your wedding. That’s one of the reasons you plan your wedding to be elegant and memorable in the first place – to make your big day almost as luxurious for your guests as it is for you.

There’s no question that as you planned for your wedding – the venue, the dress, the music, and the menu – you wanted everything to go over perfectly and symbolize the happiness you’ll soon find in your married life. That’s what every wedding couple want, right?

It goes without saying that you’ll want to deliver your guests just the right luxury wedding invitations. This means exquisitely designed, personalized, and, above all, lavish and extravagant.

That’s why we’ve come up with our convenient Guide to Luxury Wedding Invitations. It will tell you everything you need to know to create luxurious invitations that are worthy of the name and can start to build all the tingling anticipation your wedding deserves.

General Guidelines First, here’s a list of guidelines you should follow no matter what kind of wedding invitation suite you decide to use.

  • Select a central motif, color, or theme that runs through your wedding plan and use it to connect your invitations to it organically.

  • Get all the details correct in advance so that you can order all your invitations from the same place and at the same time.

  • Order your invitation suites at least four months in advance. This will lower your stress and give you time to make any necessary corrections.

  • Send your invitations out about eight weeks before the big day. Save-the-date cards are an extra level of courtesy and can help buy you valuable time.

What Your Luxury Wedding Invitations Should Include: Besides, there’s no single “correct” way for creating great wedding invitations, right? But if you want to deliver something truly luxurious to your guests, here are four basic components your suite should include.

The Invitation Card This card should list all of your wedding’s basic information, including the couple’s name, as well as the date, time, and location of the ceremony. You can certainly go with the standard heavy cotton or linen stock, but for more luxury, you can choose a 3D or laser cut design, as well as an embossed texture with family symbols, monograms, or subtle graphic designs. …include any pre- and post-wedding events, hotel information, and a link to your wedding website. And don’t forget the dress code!

Response Card The most formal response cards arrive at your guests with postage included and your return address pre-printed on the return envelope. Next level etiquette and luxury insist that you include a menu section on your response card as well, so that your caterers are properly prepared and your guests know what they’ll be eating. Don’t forget special dietary needs for your wedding response cards!

Small and Large Enclosures Typically, there’s a lot of variability in what’s included on your enclosures. That being said, having two different sizes gives them a more formal look and makes them easier to distinguish from one another. Just like with the invitation card, feel free to go first class with calligraphy, exotic textures, and other personal touches on the enclosures. As far as the information they contain, the small enclosure is often used as a reception card, as well as a place to print any miscellaneous information your guests might need to know about your wedding. The large enclosure usually contains directions, preferred parking zones, and possible housing accommodations.

Envelopes and Belly Bands There are many charming single envelope options you can choose, but for real sophistication, we suggest one of the increasingly popular double envelope suites. The outer envelope includes the guest’s address and the name of their household, while the inner envelope contains the invitation suite and has individual guests listed on the outside. In addition to its beautiful formality, double envelope suites also offer maximum protection and give your guests a memento of your occasion.

The belly band is simply a soft wrapper that binds your suite together and gives you a tighter feel. Subtlety typically works best with belly bands, but a little multicolor flair won’t hurt as long as it’s all in keeping with the rest of your scheme.

Well, that wraps the guidelines that we suggest for making luxurious and memorable invitations. We hope you find them useful in some way, but remember – this is your day and you can put whatever stamp you want on it.

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