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Not-So Glamorous Life of a Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner at work

Well let’s talk about how not so glamorous the life of a wedding planner is…….People assume we are living this fabulous life of planning weddings. Let’s get one thing straight this is not tv and definitely not the movies. This is not the Wedding Planner or any other movie that has glamorized wedding planning.

We may look absolutely fabulous on wedding days and at our offices (sometimes LOL) etc. but some of us, if not all of us are doing work for our clients after hours and behind the scenes that most people don‘t even see.

Here‘s an example: I was helping a client with a destination wedding and literally had less than a month to put everything together I literally slept like 4-5 hours a night trying to get everything and everyone in place for this wedding. Trying to find the perfect vendors for them was a challenging task but I took it on.

They knew exactly what they wanted, and I be damned if I wasn’t going to deliver. This particular client actually got on my case because it was 10pm on a Saturday night, and I needed to send her something I received from a vendor and she told me to stop working and go have some fun. I told her what fun you have a wedding in less than 2 weeks.

Although being a wedding planner is a fabulous job and I love what I do, so that’s why we do it….but it’s a lot of hard work, so that our clients don’t have to worry about anything on their wedding day. We are the conflict resolvers, problem solvers, confidants and whatever else our clients need to get through all the craziness of planning their wedding. If we are doing our jobs right and take away all of the worries and stress off our clients that's all that matters, not glamorizing what we do. We jump through a lot of hoops that you don’t even see to make our clients wedding day perfect for them. We deal with the venues, families, vendors, and everything else that could stress our clients out, so if you think thats a glamorous job. Then I would really like to see you do it for a day. LOL!!!

Well with that being said, I have some weddings to work on. I will see you in my next blog post!!

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