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Smoke Bomb Exits (2019 Destination Wedding Trend) & Practical Ways To Pull Them Off!

So, what is a colored smoke bombs you might ask?

Originally made for military and recreational use as ground cover, these totally safe grenades emit a non-toxic colored smoke that fills the air and creates breathtaking photos.

Like this bold wedding photography trend? Here are ten practical ways to pull it off.

1. Consult your photographer. Before committing to this trend, make sure your photographer feels comfortable using the smoke bombs on your big day. Shooting photos with colored smoke bombs requires special skills when it comes to lighting and shutter speed, so make sure your photographer is prepared.

2. Buy more than you think you’ll need. You might need a couple practice smoke bombs to ensure the shot is perfect before your photographer can start snapping. You’d hate to run out of color bombs mid-shoot.

3. Get permission from your venue. While the bombs shouldn’t stain the ground, they might leave a residue that will wash away over time. It’s always best to consult your venue before using them on the property.

4. Pay attention to the temperature. If it’s hot and extremely dry, lighting a smoke bomb could be dangerous. We’d advise against using them in super dry heat unless you go with a cool burn, flameless smoke bomb.

5. Make sure you’re outdoors. To avoid stains or inhalation of too much smoke, use these outside exclusively.

6. Mind the wind. Check which way the wind is blowing before starting the smoke bomb. While you want the colors to be vibrant, you don’t want the smoke covering your faces.

7. Set the smoke bomb in the background or foreground. Try placing the bombs behind the couple for an interesting affect. This way, you’ll ensure that the colored particles don’t land on the bride’s white dress.

8. Have an assistant move the smoke bomb around. Another cool effect is achieved when someone is moving the smoke bomb around the couple. Just be careful not to get too close!

9. Be conscious of burn time. Most smoke bombs are active for 1-1.5 minutes, so you’ll need to act quickly!

10. Don’t get the bomb too close to clothing. Never aim the color smoke bomb directly at someone. (They aren’t color smoke grenades after all). If you the smoke bomb is a reasonable distance away from the couple, it shouldn’t stain clothing.

For more information on smoke bomb exits or for any comments or questions email us at or comment below.

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