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The Rise Of The Wedding Weekend

One of the latest wedding trends sees couples wanting not just a wedding day but a wedding weekend – a chance to extend the festivities over a number of days, with celebrations with family and friends on the days before and after the main event itself.

As a wedding planner, we’ve noticed a big rise in demand for the ‘3 day weddings’ ourselves, more couples are choosing to opt for a wedding weekend and extend their celebrations over a 2-3 day period, compared to five years ago.

With the wedding day itself always flying by so quickly, it’s understandable that couples are wanting to draw it out. And when family and friends may have traveled some distance to join, it’s a great way of being able to really make the most of their time together.

Destination weddings are often, by default, a wedding weekend, and the growth of people choosing to get married abroad has similarly fueled the demand for the three day wedding weekends locally. Many want the quality time and experience of a destination wedding, but whether for logistical or personal reasons want a Local wedding.

While extending the celebrations may be more costly, the enjoyment from being able to relax and really soak it all up with your favorite people is always worthwhile – plus guests love being able to have an excuse to extend the celebrations!

Some wedding venues can offer great flexibility for creating a wedding weekend – especially for those seeking to recreate their own luxury wedding complete with high-end glam. Whether you opt to hold it on your own grounds, or at special place with a blank canvas spaces the beauty of some wedding venues is that they offer the ultimate scope for flexibility.

However, we’re also seeing more and more luxury venues tapping into this trend, extending the experience and offering add-ons such as pizza nights, BBQs or post-celebration brunches. Some venues can offers a relaxing afternoon tea served the evening before, along with a big brunch the following day before your guests disperse.

The wedding day itself can often go by in a blur, and the pressure of trying to spend time speaking to long-lost relatives can often mean you don’t spend quality time with those closest to you. Opting for a wedding weekend can really help to take the pressure off the day itself, knowing that you have plenty of time to spend with your family and friends and party with all of your favorite people. Plus, it’s a great choice if your chosen location is a little further away for a number of your guests, allowing them to turn it into a mini-break and make the most of being away.

All that aside, the best part of a wedding weekend is that it’s just SO MUCH FUN. We believe that every wedding is about the experience, from start to finish – and what could be better than a big three day party to celebrate one of the biggest milestones in your life!

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