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Traveling in Style (Private Jet Services)

Whether it’s about making a romantic proposal, going on a honeymoon, or planning a bachelor/bachelorette getaway, an increasing number of couples these days hire a private jet to add to the grandeur of their wedding and make it a memorable event. Private air charter services are all about personalized services, and therefore, sky’s the limit for couples who are planning to tie the knot. In this post, I provide five ways in which air charter services can help couples plan a wedding that is not only luxurious and classy, but is also different from any typical wedding.

1. Popping the BIG One Getting down on your knees to pop the question is perhaps the most anticipated and exciting moments for both you and your partner, and you make it all the more memorable if you think out of the box. Private jets are getting popular among couples to propose in a unique way. You can get your jet style proposal arranged anywhere in the world and have the setup just the way you want it. Other innovative ways are proposing mid-flight, followed by a trip to an exotic destination.

2. Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties A getaway to an uncharted territory in a private jet is an ideal way to start a bachelor/bachelorette party. Given the increasingly hurried modern lifestyles, time is usually the main constraint when it comes to getting a group of people together. Hiring a private aircraft, therefore, is always a good idea, as it gives you the liberty to decide the journey based on the availability of all your guests. Moreover, hiring a charter plane saves your guests from having to wait in long check-in lines.

3. Flying In Guests for a Destination Wedding Destination weddings are in vogue all over the US and other parts of the world, with an increasing number of people choosing remote and exotic destinations. For those who are planning a destination wedding, air charter services provide a simple solution to ensure a grand welcome for the guests. Hiring a private jet saves your guests from the hassles of commercial airlines, and also ensures they get personal attention, reliable security, and unmatched luxury.

4. Arriving in Style A helicopter makes a great mode of transportation for the wedding day, as it not only exudes class, but also ensures a seamless journey to the destination. The bride and groom can have a grand entry to the church after getting off a helicopter, and fly off together once the ceremony is over. If arranged for beforehand, the helicopter can also take the couple to a private jet, from where they may set off to their honeymoon or reception destination.

5. Heading for the Honeymoon Those who wish to start their married life in a special way can hire a charter ride and head to any exotic destination without having to worry about availability of tickets. Charter aircrafts provide unmatched peace and privacy, allowing couples to unwind and celebrate the new beginning without any hesitation. By procuring air charter services, you can get personalized in-flight services, including music, interiors, and food and drinks.

Last Few Words All in all, for those who are planning to tie the knot, private air charter services promise the ultimate in privacy, luxury, and flexibility. If you wish to add a ‘wow’ factor to your wedding, hiring a private aircraft is a simple yet effective solution, as you can have an entire aircraft to you and your guests, and fly to any destination as per your convenience. Whether you go for a long haul or short flight, adding a private aircraft ride to your to-do list is sure to add extra surprise to the beginning of your married life.

We have partnered with a private charter company and will be offering this services to our clients, its not just only for our wedding clients but also for our Romance and Group Travel clients as well. For more information you can contact us at or call 321-205-8326 or 740-973-0098

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