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When your Caterer or Venue Offers a Coordinator? Do you need Your Own Wedding Coordinator/Planner

Venue or caterers that offer a "wedding coordinator" can be a great benefit and extra selling feature. We encourage you to make sure they tell you exactly what they will and won't help with. For example: Will they organize your rehearsal? Help you in to your dress? Keep you, your family and friends on task for photos, transportation and speeches? Will they get your wedding party up and down the aisle for your ceremony? Will they bustle your dress? Will they let you know when it is time to cut the cake? Will they find your father for your father-daughter dance? Will they calm the nerves of your best man before his speech?

Don’t get me wrong, caterers and venues coordinators play an important role, but they really focus on the production of the event more so than the timeline and being there for you, your family and friends. On they day of your wedding, they are preparing the room, tables and space, thus lighting candles and attending to the details. Once dinner begins, they really do not have the staff support as they need to focus on dinner service and clean up. A huge piece is that it’s outside of their role to prioritize the communication with other vendors. So without your own personal coordinator, this is often bothersome for the couple to ensure that everyone is on the same page. We find it very important that our couples and their families be present in the moment and enjoy their day.

We will not allow our clients, their family or friends to lift one hand on the day of the wedding. At first it may seem like a good idea to have a sister, mom, aunt or girlfriends help them manage all of the details on the day of your wedding. While they can definitely help arrange appointments, read contracts (do they understand the terminology) and bustle your gown, they really should be present during your wedding day with you. They should be spending time enjoying the day and celebrating with you, not off setting up centerpieces, calling caterers or dropping off lunch. No pressure, just something to consider… we want your loved ones to feel your love for them on the wedding day - not breaking a sweat! When you attend a wedding is to celebrate not to work? It’s best to give the gift of celebration!

Ok, this is not to scare you one way or the other! Wedding coordinators exist because we need to. Beyond managing the event, we provide the stress relief you need to enjoy the moment. We are the professionals who will make sure your wedding day runs as smoothly as possible. We are problem solvers, shoulders to cry on, confidants when you just need to vent, we are the fixers of your wedding day, because most of us who have been doing this for years have probably encountered every problem possible. Most importantly, we are their on your behalf and we want to make sure your wedding day is the most amazing day of your lives.

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